Notary procedures

Civil Marriage

Marriage for all couples can be done in person or through a proxy.

Marital Union in Fact

The recognition of the union and the subsequent constitution is valid for persons of the same sex.

Civil Registration

Marriage for all couples can be done in person or through a proxy

Divorce in Notary

It is a quick procedure before a notary, provided that the parties are in common agreement.

Public Deed Signature

Acts that require notarization are: real estate acts, family acts, partnerships, among others.


The General Power of Attorney by public deed and the Special Power that is granted by private document.


The auction proceedings can be carried out either at the request of the interested party or by decision of the judge.

Conciliation in Notary

Conciliation is carried out in matters related to civil, commercial and family matters.


The notary can give written testimony that the signature placed on a document is true.

Authorization to Leave the Country

Mandatory document so that minors can leave the country with the permission of their parents.

Insolvency Process Natural Persons

Notaries can learn about the insolvency procedure for non-commercial natural persons.

Issuance of Copies of Certificates

Users can request true, full or partial copies of the documents in the archive.

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