Colombia Real Estate Investment Visa in 2023

Colombia Real Estate Investors Visas have two qualifying values:


A. To Obtain a Colombian Investor or Investment Visa as a Migrant:

Under the 2023 min salary rate, you can purchase a property at 350 * Min salary =  406,000,000 Pesos ($83,383 USD) Qualifies for a 1 – 3 years temporary residency Visa M – Property Owners Visa (Previously TP7)


B. To Obtain a Colombian Investor or Investment Visa as a Resident (This is a permanent Visa).

Under the 2023 minimum salary rate you can purchase a property at 650 * Min salary = 754,000,000 Pesos ($160,426 USD) Qualifies for a PERMANENT full residency Visa – R Investors Visa


The Colombia investor or investment visa is intended for foreigners who make an investment in real estate such as buying a property in Colombia. The investment visa is easy to obtain provided that you fulfill all the visa requirements.

The Colombian investment visa was previously known as TP-7 and RE visa and was divided into two categories. The TP-7 visa was a temporary visa and the resident investor visa also known as RE visa was a permanent resident visa. The RE visa required a large investment in local real estate.

In December 2017, Colombia changed its visa laws. Now, the TP-7 visa is known as migrant (M) visa of category 10 (M-10) for investment in a property. The RE visa is now known as resident (R) visa.

The Colomiban property investment visa (M-10) are valid for three years. Even though this visa allows multiple entries into Colombia, it loses its validity if you stay out of Colombia for more than six months consecutively. The government visa cost of application for M-10 visa is $282.

The resident (R) visa which requires a large investment property is valid for five years. You can enter or leave Colombia as many times as you like with this visa. But you cannot stay out of Colombia for more than two year consecutively if you have a resident visa. If you do, then you will lose this resident visa. The goverment visa cost of application for resident (R) visas is $443.

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What Documents are required for Colombia Investment Visa?

The documents required for Colombia investor or investment visa depend on the type of investment and the amount of investment. Here is a general list of required documents for all types of investor visa

Passport Photocopy:

A photocopy of the first page of your valid passport showing your biographical data. The photocopy can be either in color or black and white.

Proof of Legal Entry:

A photocopy of the page of your passport showing last stamp of entry or departure of Colombia.

Photocopy of Previously Issued Visa:

If you’ve had a previous Colombian visa such as a student or retirement visa, then a photocopy of this visa.

Certificate of foreign investment issued by the Banco de la República.

Foreign exchange declaration form F4.

Passport photo:

Passport style face photo with a white background, sized at 3 cm width X 4 cm height, maximum size of 300 kb jpg file for online application.

Certificado de libertad y tradición:

Certificado de libertad y tradición of the real estate property that proves ownership.

Communication issued by the Department of International Exchange

of the Banco de la República, which records the direct foreign investment for the purchase of real estate in the name of the foreigner applying for the visa.

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